Going the extra mile

Offering a full-service mechanical workshop as well as a complete tyre shop with a huge range of tyres for all vehicles is what makes Cairns Pit Stop the perfect one-stop shop for all your mechanical needs.

For 30 years the company has thrived on going the extra mile for its customers, which is why it continues to be one of the most reliable and successful businesses in the industry.

“We find our competitors tend to dabble in both fields, however at CPS we see mechanical and tyres as our core business and provide training to staff in both areas,” said owner Frank Raso, who took over the business two years ago and expanded the tyre shop. “Our focus is to go that extra mile for our customers.”

The mechanical side of the business is lead by previous owner Lance Nichols who has a wealth of experience in repairs, servicing and maintenance of cars, utes and 4WDs.

“Lance is extremely knowledgeable,” said Frank. “He’s like a walking encyclopedia, and he has a really good reputation for being a trustworthy and highly skilled mechanic.”

While the shop sold tyres previously, Frank enlarged that side of the business when he purchased it.

“My background is in tyres,” he said. “My family has a tyre shop up in Mareeba so I grew up in the business. It sounds crazy, but I’m really passionate about tyres.”

Cairns Pit Stop has a massive range of tyres for cars and trucks of all sizes as well heavy commercial machinery such as prime movers, loaders, graders and earth-moving equipment.

“We have tyres from segaways all the way up to prime movers and earthmoving machinery,” Frank said. “We have a massive range of brands to suit everyone’s needs.”

The success of the business is not only due to its quality of work but also because of its knowledgeable staff, sincere relationships with customer and a genuine desire to help clients.

“Excellent customer service is very important to us,” Frank said.

“We take pride in listening to our customers, understanding their individual driving requirements and giving them the best advice for their needs.”

Cairns Pit Stop
136 Spence St, Parramatta Park
Ph: 4051 0033