Experience you can trust

FINDING the right orthopaedic treatment in the world of advanced medicine can be a challenge at the best of times for most patients.

But the expert team at Cairns Orthopaedic Clinic will make sure you’re in safe hands.

With three highly skilled surgeons and decades of experience, the clinic offers patients a range of treatment options covering the full scope of orthopaedic conditions.

First established in 2003 by Dr Christopher Morrey and Dr Robert Pozzi, the clinic has since grown in both staff size and reputation at their Draper St practice.

With the addition of highly trained surgeon Dr Ben Parkinson in 2016, patients at the clinic now have access to one of the best surgical teams in the Cairns region.

In fact, all three surgeons have undergone further overseas subspeciality training in their areas of interest to ensure they are at the forefront of the latest surgical advancements.

This comprehensive level of trauma and orthopaedic expertise in a regional centre is rather unique to Cairns and has ensured that local patients do not need to travel to metropolitan centres for the treatment of their complex orthopaedic issues.

No matter your condition, Cairns Orthopaedic Clinic has the answer with professional and “down-to-earth” advice that takes the worry out of surgery.

For instance, Dr Morrey has subspecialty training in the pelvic and acetabular trauma and reconstruction, primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasty as well as spinal surgery.

Dr Pozzi has a special interest in primary and revision shoulder, hip and knee arthroplasty.

And Dr Parkinson compliments the clinic specialising in his preferred area of pelvic, hip and knee conditions.

Technological advancements, both in the operating theatre as well as business management are appropriately used to ensure patients receive quality care and for driving continuous improvement.

It was that drive which saw the establishment of the first ever Acute Injury Clinic (AIC) in Cairns in 2007.

Run on a Monday evening for those patients with injuries requiring a fast turnaround in treatment, the region’s sporting community have greatly benefited from this service. The addition of Dr Parkinson to the clinic has enabled an additional weekly acute knee injury clinic on Thursday mornings, further boosting patient services.

Whatever the challenge, the team at Cairns Orthopaedic Clinic are prepared to work long and hard to provide a caring, professional service of the highest quality to the people of the Far North.

Photo by Silvia Mogorovich