Driving Towards the Future

TEACHING generations of locals how to drive is something of a passion for Howards Professional Driving School.

An institution of Cairns, the school has stood the test of time since it first started way back in 1972.

Today, owners Paul and Maria James proudly continue that tradition of giving learner drivers top notch, professional instruction to ensure they are both safe and competent on the road.

The couple are long-time residents of both Cairns and Innisfail. Maria has had a long career in customer service and office duties, while Paul has spent 35 years in the broadcasting industry as an announcer, having worked around Australia at a variety of radio stations.

Both Paul and Maria have continued the “Howdrive” tradition with specialist training and customer service. Most of Howards’ driver trainers have been trained in-house by Paul himself and the business boasts a fleet of well-maintained and late model vehicles staffed by well-presented instructors.

Howards has been an RACQ Approved driving school for decades, completing many tests and checks to maintain this accreditation.

Learning to drive is a serious business, and Howards ensures no stone is left unturned in helping their learners to not just pass their driving test but equip them with the skills required to ensure safe and legal practices whilst on the road. No matter your level, ability or age, Howards offer the very best to ensure students gain both confidence and competence on the road.

Howards has a variety of clientele, including those who already have a licence and just want to polish their driving skills, older people who have never held a licence before, people with disabilities and new drivers who are getting their licence for the first time.

It is important to remember that when a learner driver gets their licence, they sign the paperwork and that signature appears on the licence itself. By signing, that driver agrees to abide by all road rules and safe driving habits.

Indeed, it’s not just about the mechanics of driving the vehicle. We all need to be aware of our surroundings, the obligations required by us all whilst driving and to be prepared for the unexpected.

Recently, Howards has taken over Suncity Driving School and have employed new driver trainers that are proficient in training the “Howards way”.

In September 2017, in conjunction with United Kingdom firm Lodgesons and a specially selected local installer, a vehicle has been fitted out with control (brake and throttle) combinations that are operated using one hand, as well as left foot accelerator modifications, among other aids that will assist and enable people with disabilities to get mobile and driving.

At Howards and Suncity Driving Schools, we have a team of fully qualified professionals who take pride in their work to solicit the highest outcomes for all students.

Both schools are constantly improving as they look to polish their already stellar performance instructing future drivers of Cairns by providing the latest training methods and technology.

Every student has different abilities and some may have very little in regard to driving. But each student is a challenge, meaning that whatever level they are at, it is instructor’s goal to teach the best driving methods and improve any abilities they already have to create safe and competent drivers for decades to come.