Publisher’s Note November 2017

Jacqui Nolan
Jacqui Nolan

Welcome November

When my twin boys were born at the Cairns Hospital, I was so impressed and felt very lucky to have so many brilliant professionals helping me through their early arrivial and the complications that came with it. I always felt I was in the safest of hands, which made me realise how lucky we are as a small regional city to have so many outstanding medical and health professionals here in Cairns. We’re proud to showcase over 12 of these experts who make living in Cairns so much better for all of us.

We’re also thrilled to continue to profile more Cairns’ iconic buinesses in Part Two of our Test of Time feature. We feel truly lucky to have these outstanding people and their businesses who have helped shape our city into the vibrant hub it is today. While we are lucky to live in a city abundant in natural beauty, it is passionate businesses and dedicated professionals who really make Cairns the best place to live!

Jacqui Nolan
CairnsLife Publisher

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