Connect with the experts

Connect with the experts
Sarah Brown

IMPROVING your level of hearing can be life-changing.
Just ask the experts at Connect Hearing Cairns.
The Hearing Centre, which has been running for more than 15 years, regularly sees those in need of hearing testing and assessments, hearing aids, listening devices, ear protection and much more.
Connect Hearing Queensland manager Sarah Brown says people often take for granted their own level of hearing, making a check-up even more important.
“Everybody knows to get their eyes or blood pressure checked but a hearing check seems to fall through the cracks,” she says.
“By the time you really notice that you can’t hear very well anymore, it may have deteriorated significantly as your brain is good at adapting to hearing loss.
“The best time to address any hearing loss is as early as possible.”
Hearing aids are available at the centre for any client suffering mild to profound hearing loss, with Connect Hearing also offering Lyric, a revolutionary 100% invisible hearing aid.
“There’s no need to change batteries and it’s completely invisible,” Sarah says.
“Our clients that have it absolutely love it.”
Seeing a wide range of clients from children through to pensioners, the Connect Hearing Cairns has an experienced team of hearing care professionals, and offers some of the best hearing products on the market.
With a free hearing aid trial also available to clients for complete piece of mind, it’s no surprise that the centre is one of Connect Hearing’s busiest in the country.
“It really has developed a great reputation in Cairns and our clients appreciate the high level of service we provide,” says Sarah
“We are confident you will love our team, so please call the clinic and mention this article to book in for a free hearing assessment, and see what we have to offer.”