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Cairns Urology
Dr Neil Gordon
Photo by Silvia Mogorovich

Cairns Urology has been at the forefront of prostate cancer diagnosis and management since it opened in Cairns in 1997.
“We are always studying and developing new ways to diagnose prostate cancer to help our patients find the appropriate and most effective treatments for them,” said Dr Neil Gordon who opened the private practice 20 years ago.
“Over the years, we have worked effectively on developing innovation and change in different treatments and therapies, assisting our patients to rewarding and effective recoveries.”
Cairns Urology is the only urology practice in Queensland to carry out Cryotherapy treatment for prostate cancer in day surgery and only the second one to perform this procedure in Australia.
“Cryotherapy treats localised prostate cancer and it’s about an hour and a half day surgery,” said Dr Gordon. “Of all the patients we’ve done no one has ever become incontinent and no men have had changes to their erectile capacity. Patients also have little or no downtime after surgery.”
Cairns Urology has also made major advances in the early detection of prostate cancer. Dr Gordon trained in multi-parametic MRI in the Netherlands under the Professor Dr. Jelle Barentsz, a world leader in this field.
Cairns Urology also leads the field in the management and treatment of kidney stones. Dr Gordon was also the first urologist in Cairns to offer Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy treatment, a non-invasive treatment for breaking down kidney stones.
“Sound waves are targeted at a kidney stone, causing the stone to break into little pieces,” Dr Gordon said. “It’s completely non-invasive.
“We want to take care of our patients so that they can be diagnosed, treated, recover and have a good time living a long life.”

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