Operating at an Elite level

Eva Grabner
Operating at an Elite level

Words By Bridey Zell
PHOTOS BY Photoholic Studio

Elite Executive is an Executive Recruitment and Search firm that has been operating in Cairns for over two years. The organisation is headed by Eva Grabner, a passionate and determined woman, who admits she got into recruitment by accident. Despite this, she has come from working in hospitality and tourism management to running a highly successful organisation, priding itself on its high-level of customer service.

Originating from Ireland, Eva moved to Australia 14 years ago. She had spent time travelling the world, working in a variety of hospitality establishments, as well as cruise ships. Her journey in Australia began at Cape Tribulation, and eventually Cairns. After deciding that hospitality was no longer what she wanted to be doing, it was by chance that Eva fell into recruitment. She moved to Sydney for a 12-month period and worked for a high level executive firm. “This was a positive experience, but I missed Cairns, so I came back,” Eva recalls.
Upon her return to Cairns, Eva joined a national recruitment company as Partner. For Eva, this was the first step to owning her own business. It had reach and provided Eva with the contacts and network on a national level. “It was a wonderful opportunity to take my time to develop my own brand without rushing,” Eva says, “all the logistical considerations of running a business were taken care of.” It was when her son was seven months old that she began operating as Elite Executive. In two years, this organisation has flourished to become one of Australia’s leading Recruitment Firms.

The recruitment industry doesn’t always get a good rap. Eva acknowledges the importance of taking the time to get to know the clients, as well as ensuring that you take on the right clients and candidates.

“It’s a delicate business and I want to make sure I do it right”

“I want to be a different kind of recruiter, and I believe that I am.” Executive Elite has both local and interstate clients, services both large and medium organisations, and is also a Global Search Specialist, the only one in this region. The company has achieved global reach, and has a big picture focus.

As a single mother to a young son, Eva identifies that it can be challenging to maintain a work life balance, but ultimately, her focus is her son. “Work is work, but when I’m with my son, I focus on him,” she says, “I might do a few hours work after he goes to bed.” She also emphasises that her weekends are important in order to maintain mental clarity.

Elite Executive is a constantly growing and evolving organisation, with its roots firmly planted in Cairns. “I love Cairns, it is my home. I want to raise my son here,“ Eva says.

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