Eco Revival

Courtney Pitcher
Eco Revival

Words By Sheree Scott
Photo By Minori Ueda

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” This popular saying sums up perfectly the motivation behind The Modern Day Hippy, Courtney Pitcher.

This entrepreneurial mother and transformational coach is focused on reducing single-use plastics that are clogging the environment by offering a range of sustainable alternatives.

“Looking at the state of the planet and what is happening with marine life and environmental pollution from plastics, I really felt like we need to give more back than we take and live with more balance,” she says.

“I was concerned at the level of consumerism and I wanted to find more sustainable sources for our everyday products.”

She decided to “walk the talk” and make the lifestyle change to using natural products like bamboo and glass straws instead of plastic ones, and switch to re-useable shopping bags and drink containers. The first line of eco-products, the “Go Green Starter Pack”, will be showcased at the Cairns Eco-Fiesta on May 28 or is available online from

Her 10-year-old son was another driving force. “When you think where we will be in 50 years’ time, you can see certain parts of the planet are really suffering. We need to start making changes now.”

Growing up in a lower socio-economic area of Victoria, she was acutely aware of the mental and social issues that can hold people back from their full potential. By overcoming her own personal trials and challenges, she was inspired to use those skills to help others. For the past seven years Courtney has been helping change people’s lives from within through transformational coaching, cognitive therapy, energy healing and essential oils.

Now she wants to make a change on the material level by encouraging a lifestyle change that takes pressure off our environment. | Ph: 0498485028