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Words By Janie Barton
Photo By Nakia Morrison

While Philip Bovey is North Queensland’s most experienced and in-demand criminal lawyer with 34 years of experience, he also has two skilled criminal lawyers working alongside him.

“The need for top rank criminal law advice and representation as good as any found in south east Queensland meant the need to employ appropriately qualified lawyers to assist me,” Philip said. 

Babinda-born Fabia Parker joined Philip Bovey & Company in 2015 while Aaron Mansia, who has lived in Cairns since he was six, joined earlier this year. 

“I can confidently say that Fabia and Aaron are within the top rank of young criminal law practitioners,” Philip said. “They also bring the advantage of having grown up in the region, having been educated here and are both graduates of the local law school.”

You could say Fabia has had law in her blood as far back as she can remember. As her uncle is a lawyer, and her great-uncle was a Judge, she wanted to be a lawyer since she was a young girl and she had her first job at a law firm when she was 16 years old.

“I just always wanted to be a lawyer since I was a little girl, which is an unusual aspiration for a young child,” she said. “After I had my first legal job when I was 16 as a secretary to a criminal lawyer I knew being a lawyer was the right career path for me.

Criminal law always interested me. I always wanted to help people, and I thought that criminal lawyers helped people the most. People’s civil liberties are really important to me, and I want to make sure innocent people don’t go to jail and that justice is done.

Aaron, who also wanted to be a lawyer since he was a young man, was also always focused on specialising in criminal law.

“I feel passionate about defending people,” he said. “I always wanted to practice solely in criminal law, and when the opportunity came up to join Philip Bovey & Company
I jumped at it.”

Philip has conducted criminal cases ranging from traffic matters in the Magistrates Court to the High Court of Australia with an outstanding record of success. 

“Both Fabia and Aaron display the tenacity and commitment needed to provide the top-range service that this firm prides itself on providing.” 
– Philip bovey

While Philip is pleased to have the two skilled lawyers on his team to give clients stronger representation, Fabia and Aaron say they are the lucky ones.

“Philip is extremely intelligent, diligent, thorough and hard-working,” said Fabia. “I feel really privileged to learn from him and work for him.”

Aaron agrees.

“I personally believe he is the best criminal lawyer in Far North Queensland, probably all of Queensland,” he said. “He’s very passionate about what he does, and he’s a great mentor to Fabia and I.”

Philip and his team undertake the full range of criminal matters and offer clients a range of fixed fees covering the various stages of the legal process.

“I settled on a fixed-fee relationship with clients early in private practice,” Philip said. “This gives the clients complete certainty about what service is to be provided and what costs will be incurred.”

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