Expert help during difficult times Newman Family Law

Bianka Bosnjak and Terry Newman

Going through the breakdown of a relationship is both financially and emotionally challenging, but Terry Newman and his team at Newman Family Law make the process so much easier for their clients.
Terry has been practising family law for 37 years, is one of only a few Accredited Family Law Specialists in Cairns and was one of the first lawyers to achieve that status in Queensland. He started his own practice in 2009 after working as a partner running the family law section at Farrellys Lawyers since 1983.
“No one gets married to get divorced,” said Terry, who is well-known and highly respected for being empathetic to his clients while giving them calm, realistic and cost-effective advice. “It’s a difficult time for the majority of clients and we are not prepared to just give yes answers to their questions, but we realistically assess their needs and rights under the Family Law Act and assist them with a solution to their problems.”
Terry is currently listed as a Preeminent Solicitor on the Doyles Guide of Leading Family and Divorce Lawyers in North Queensland, which identifies his expertise and abilities in this area.
He has also completed the National Training Program as an Independent Child’s Lawyer appointed by the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court of Australia to act on behalf of children.
“My experience over the years gives me the understanding of a huge variety and range of cases,” Terry said. “I can work out how to assist a client and how to provide a calm and logical approach to resolving issues. I believe the best solicitors can achieve is a resolution for their clients keeping them out of court.”

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