“It’s all about the clients” | Lisa Stansfield Lawyers

Words By Janie Barton
Photo By Nakia Morrison

Lisa Stansfield is one of Cairns’ best lawyers in family law, and wills and estate issues, but she’s not your stereotypical lawyer.

You won’t find her in a formal legal office surrounded by lawyers in business suits, assistants and secretaries. Nor will you ever have a hard time reaching her personally, or be faced with paying huge unexpected lawyer’s fees.

Instead, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover an experienced, hard-working, down-to-earth, affordable and accessible lawyer whose focus is her clients’ best interests.

“The number one focus for me is my clients, and delivering a service that benefits them,” Lisa said. “Family and estate law is very personal and can be quite emotional, and it’s important to me that my clients are comfortable with me, and I achieve a resolution they are happy with.”

Lisa’s credentials are impeccable and her academic record is unparalleled, having been awarded the Family Law Prize at James Cook University and an Academic Medal for her high marks in all areas of law. She has won numerous awards, including runner-up in the 2015 prestigious Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Regional Woman Lawyer of the Year. Lisa also holds a Masters Degree in family law and as a result she is highly respected by her clients and fellow professionals.

She opened her private practice two years ago to deliver quality, personalised family law services, including de facto and same-sex relationship matters, and wills and estate law, all at an affordable price.

The breakdown of a marriage or relationship or the passing of a loved one are some of the most stressful periods in a person’s life, and it’s important to Lisa that her office environment is a warm and welcoming, one where clients feel comfortable confidentially talking about their personal issues.

Her hands-on attention to clients, availability, positive attitude, genuine empathy and warm and friendly nature are the trademarks that set her above others in her field.

She also has the extra advantage of partnering (in work and life) with Chris Rose, a retired Cairns’ lawyer with 37 years’ experience who has come out of retirement to take over the role of office manager and whose vast experience and knowledge is a huge benefit for clients. Together the husband-and-wife team personally handle all client interaction, paperwork and legal requirements.

“I’ve worked in different law firms, but I wanted to deliver the law differently, so I opened my own firm with Chris,” said Lisa, who was born in Dublin but has lived in Cairns for more than 23 years.

“I call Cairns home, but I have not lost that fighting Irish spirit and, when called for, I will do what it takes to get my clients the best results possible.”

Lisa Stansfield Lawyers
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