Battling For You | Shine Lawyers

It’s lawyers like Sandra Lim who make Shine Lawyers Cairns the top firm to turn to for personal injury compensation and advice.

Sandra, who has been with the practice for 10 years, is one of just three Shine Special Counsels in Queensland, which is a huge advantage for Cairns’ clients.

“In my role as Special Counsel with Shine Cairns, I am passionate about ensuring our clients receive the best legal advice and that the litigation process is as stress-free as possible for them,” she said. “Using my experience to get the best outcomes for them is my main priority, as is collaborating with our senior legal team.”

Before joining Shine, Sandra worked almost exclusively for insurers for 10 years, so she understands how to negotiate with them to resolve compensation claims without having to go to court.

“Insurance can be very challenging to deal with, and often people underestimate the financial impact an injury can have on them and their families,” she said. “Many people are not aware of what compensation they are entitled to if they’re injured.”

Shine Lawyers Cairns can provide assistance to those who are injured and are attempting to claim compensation against the insurance that is provided by many superannuation funds. Not only do they have the knowledge and expertise needed to get results for their clients, they are also backed by a powerful national firm and a team of highly skilled lawyers who have a proven track record of getting results no matter how tough the challenge is.

“We get a great deal of satisfaction helping people and seeing the difference an award or compensation can make in helping them get their lives back on track,” Sandra said. “Every case is different and injuries affect different people in different ways. We act on a no-win, no-fee basis and genuinely care about making clients as comfortable as possible throughout the legal process.

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