Flavours of India

Flavours of India
Dev Rao

Words by Janie Barton

Dev Rao’s Marinades Indian Restaurant is known for providing some of the best and most authentic Indian cuisine in Australia for the last 17 years, which is why locals, visiting businessmen and travellers love his popular restaurant.

Owner Dev Rao and his late wife Meena opened Marinades in 1999, which became an immediate success. Since then, no other Indian restaurant in Cairns has been able to match his authentic quality and outstanding cuisine.

It was the first restaurant in Cairns to cook in tandoori ovens using charcoal and the first to have Indian food cooked by qualified Indian chefs.

Dev’s highly-skilled chefs, who were professionally trained in Mumbai and are known to cook with passion and love, make their own curry bases, yogurts and cheeses using time-honoured recipes. Marinades source all its meat, dairy and vegetables from local businesses while most of its delicious spices are imported from India.

Its menu caters to all dietary requirements and includes glutton-free, vegan and nut-free dishes.

When the restaurant opened, Dev offered a lunch special of a selection of three vegetable curries, rice, yoghurt and dessert for $10 along with a $12 meat curry special. He has kept those same prices the same as a way of thanking his local supporters and also offers deluxe specials with six different types of curries for just $16.

“I concentrate on locals, who have always supported us, many who have been coming for years,” he said. “Some used to come here with their young children and now those children dine here with their friends.”

Marinades Indian Restaurant
43 Spence Street, Cairns city | Ph: 07 4041 1422