Champion of the environment

Champion of the environment
Phil Cassell

Words By Janie Barton
Photo By Silvia Mogorovich

One of the things Eco Civil Solutions’ (Qld) owner Phil Cassell loves the most about Cairns and the region is its green and pristine environment.

“Whenever I’m away, I just long to be back here,” he said. “We are surrounded by green, and it’s only when you don’t see it that you realise how important it truly is.”

As director of Eco Civil Solutions (Qld), Phil ensures his company specialises in environmentally-sensitive civil earthworks construction, which is why his business’ approach to the environment is superior to current industry practices.

“Our environmental policies and professional environmental engineers guarantee our civil works are in the best interests of all,” said Phil, who has been in the earthworks industry since 1980. “In an area this vast, in an area this sensitive, one mistake can be catastrophic to the environment. The risks are very high, so it’s important to get it right every time.

“There’s always going to be a battle between the environmentally-conscious people and the need for humanity to expand. If you can control the development in an environmentally-sensitive way everyone can be happy.”

Eco Civil Solutions (Qld) initiates a comprehensive Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) before any work commences and has regular progress audits to ensure all works are fully Environment Protection Agency and CEMP compliance.
The company has completed significant environmental jobs in the region, including projects in the far northern region including the wetlands and foreshore areas, and is always looking for best practice in construction for environmentally-sensitive areas.

“Every environment needs to be looked after and protected,” Phil said. “They all have an important eco-system and all serve a major purpose.”

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