Prevention is Better than Cure

PREVENTION is better than CURE
By Suzy Grinter

With 30 years’ experience as a veterinarian in Cairns, Paul Matthews knows his stuff.

With 30 years’ experience as a veterinarian in Cairns, Paul Matthews knows his stuff.

Opening Redlynch Vets 10 years ago, the practice specialises in dogs and cats and, as Paul describes them, pocket pets – guinea pigs, mice, rats, lizards, snakes and even the occasional axolotl!

“We don’t treat large animals any more… the demographic in this area has changed. Where much of Redlynch used to be farms on large properties, much of these areas are now developed and the properties far smaller, so smaller pets are par for the course,” Paul says.

Besides Paul, the surgery has two other veterinary surgeons, Karen Wilson and Liza Sergeev, as well as three vet nurses and two trainees.

“The practice is a mixture of experience and youth,” says Paul.

Primary or preventive health care is the main focus of this holistic modern practice.

“We would rather proactively promote preventive measures, like, parasite control and vaccinations, but of course many of our clients unfortunately require intensive care, reactively, as a result of snake bite, tick paralysis, poisoning, accidents and so on.

“Preventive health care can’t be emphasised enough. Although we’re living in paradise, here, in North Queensland there are negatives and some of them are the endemic parasites that we have here. So regular tick prevention, worm and heartworm control, vaccinations are all so important.”

“Of course the reactive, emergency situations like tick paralysis, are stressful and upsetting, not only for our clients, but for my staff.

We would rather prevent these incidents through the promotion of responsible preventative health practices.”

“This practice was originally set up as a branch practice, a “marriage” between the Marlin Coast and Balaclava clinics, but runs as a stand-alone clinic, now … it’s a great little practice.

My superb team are totally committed and are passionate animal enthusiasts, who each pride themselves on offering personal service to both human clients and their beloved pets,” Paul adds.

“As a former owner of Balaclava Veterinary Surgery, on the other side of Cairns, I still have some involvement in that clinic, in fact, we have a great working relationship. Balaclava Vets do our X rays, and I sometimes do the more complicated orthopaedic surgeries over there.”

Redlynch Vets has its own extensively equipped surgery and pharmacy, and offers a wide range of services, from “brains to butts” (Paul’s words). It also accesses visiting orthopaedic, ophthalmology, soft tissue and dermatology specialists on a regular basis.

“We strongly encourage socially responsible desexing and microchipping. Desexed animals make better pets and as it’s so much easier to locate a lost pet when it’s microchipped, it prevents a lot of heartache. We can help people through the wonderful Animal Welfare desexing & microchipping voucher scheme,” Paul informs.

Redlynch Valley Vets handles a lot of wildlife work pro bono, and has been RSPCA’s vet for the last 5 years.

“We are proud to be part of the Redlynch community and look forward to continuing our brand of kind, caring, professional service for many years to come”.

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