Wandan fashion Performance

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Wandan fashion Performance

WANDAN “FUTURE” The CIAF FASHION PERFORMANCE 2017 Did not disappoint, The Show was a roaring Success and a True Celebration and a credit to our Indigenous Culture.

Hailed as Australia’s Premier Indigenous Art Fair, CIAF is a Combination of Ticketed events such as the” CIAF Opening Night Party “ & The CIAF Fashion Performance, but also many Free events during the 4 Day Festival for Our Communities to enjoy and Celebrate.

“As You Like It Hair & Beauty” was delighted to be asked to Direct the Hair & Make-Up this year for “WANDAN” CIAF Fashion Show, working alongside Grace Lillian Lee” Curator & Artistic Director” of the Show.

Grace is a passionate Visionary, Artist and Story Teller and worked tirelessly to ensure the Success and Integrity of “WANDAN” for everyone to enjoy and Remember.

With a Show like “WANDAN” It is many many Months in the Preparation and Making, with many many hands to develop and Produce such a Show. With out the Curator, Designers, The Venue, Models, Tech Crew, Hair & Make-Up, Dressers, Catering, The Collections, Artists, Security, Interns, Volunteers and many many more Passionate and dedicated People the event would not happen.

Here are some snap shots
from Backstage:

The Concept for “WANDAN” Fashion Performance

Gathering on GIMUY WALUBARA YIDINJI COUNTRY we came together to celebrate Australian Indigenous Culture through ART, Fashion, Dance, Music and Performance. Creating a space to Express and Interact with our Landscape and Environment in a New Realm.

Exploring how our new Generation will Adapt and Shape Ourselves to be resilient of the changes that are occurring in our society. Representing the youthful generation alongside the Beauty of The Great Barrier Reef

Showcasing 10 Indigenous Designers from across Queensland CIAF Celebrates its 5th Year Anniversary Of The Fashion Performance.

With “WANDAN” We Created our Hair & Make-Up Designs to showcase The Future with an Urban feel, a nod to the futuristic but also Traditional Undertones were achieved and Natural Aquatic references to the Great Barrier Reef.

OCEAN SPRAY : With Gorgeous Slicked Back wet look hair with ripples of the Ocean, with Sand and gold dust Make-up to make the most seasoned Mermaid Envious.

OCEAN WAVES: With Textural Urban waves that are reminiscent of the formations of Hard Corals of our reef and the Waves afloat, and with a pop of a Coral Colour or Aqua Blue Glitter for the lips in the mix.

FAN CORAL : With rows of texture leading to a collar of wispy frayed branches reaching out, with a soft glow of Gold Highlight to the skin

OCEAN CURRENT : with soft waves projected forward as if moving through the current, with hues of Green & Blue reminiscent of sea grass and o so Cool.

The Dancers: The Artwork “Make-Up” for the Dancers was a Futuristic take on the Traditional, with Body Markings to resemble the Crocodile, an abundance of Textural elements with Glow in the Dark sfx for added wow factor under the Black Lights.

We grounded our Designs from these categories then branched out to create many Variations on the Theme’

“WANDAN” Was a Pleasure and an Event to behold and I would like to take the opportunity to Thank my Hard Working Team who without them the Hair & Make-Up Designs would not have made it to the Stage “SHOW”

Thank You TEAM “As You Like It Hair & Beauty (Logo lettering + Love is in the Hair Underneath) : Marcia, Lucia, Melania, Sarah, Thelma, Kirstie, Pooja, Tamara, Jasmine and Shehana & Zora

Thank You also CIAF, Grace Lillian Lee for your Vision, Pip Miller PR, Photographers : Col Huber /David Kelly/Kerry Trapnell/Veronica Sagredo/Melania Jack

Written By Marcia Ebdell-Blanch – Artistic Director “As You Like It Hair & Beauty” H&M Director “WANDAN” FASHION PERFORMANCE 2017 CIAF