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Defying Gravity

Words Bu Suzy Grinter | Photo By Mick Fuhrimann

If success is measured by client satisfaction, then Lisa Stansfield family lawyer has a five-star rating.

Lisa launched her law firm just over one year ago and her family law and wills and succession practice has defied gravity and soared. Outstanding service, not just attractive pricing has been key in achieving this.

“I offer my clients a service that I would expect myself from a first-class lawyer,” says Lisa.

It’s not just that her family law clients are satisfied with her legal ability, they realise that Lisa really cares for them.

“The day I stop caring is the day that I quit Law” she says.

I find that unsurprising. There’s nothing not to like about Lisa Stansfield, and when you’re doing the hard yards in a marital break-up or a custody battle, quite aside from trusting your lawyer, it really helps to like them.

Lisa stresses that being professional does not mean being stiff lipped, matter of fact and thus somewhat daunting for an already stressed client.

“In my practice, it means being knowledgeable and proficient, but also warm, approachable and totally focused on my client’s problem, and not wandering off into extraneous issues, looking for add-on opportunities, or trying to be clever”.

A confidence-inspiring cocktail of life experience, perceptiveness, profound knowledge of the law, and the vital objectivity needed in handling the emotive nature of family law and estate issues, is greatly enhanced by a healthy dash of humour and warmth, guaranteed to bring a client coming back for more should they need it.

“The answers I give may not be what you want to hear, but they will be honest, objective and well informed answers, so you understand the reality of your situation and know exactly where you stand.

“My philosophy is to be someone who brings reason and of course, the principles of law to solve my client’s disputes. Being emotional is only natural in their situation, but as I sometimes have to remind clients, emotions or theatrics have no place in a court room, no matter what the glamorous television drama series might depict,” says Lisa.

Lisa thrives on the challenge of making bad family situations or deceased estate matters better, working with the client to match them with resources such as mediation, counselling and psychological help if needed.

“Many of my clients are going to have an ongoing relationship with their ex and their children, or with family members in succession cases, beyond the lawsuit. They deserve to have us craft a way forward for the future. In family and estate matters, it’s relationships that are important, not being combative. But if it’s a fight the other side wants then I am happy to argue the law with the best of them (that’s the “Fighting Irish” in me).

A highly competitive and very organised child and teenager, a peek at Lisa’s entry into law after a failed marriage and rock bottom financial situation would give any of her clients hope for life after litigation. Lisa was 40 when she started studying law, and was worried that no one would employ her when she finished her studies.

“But age became my friend. Life experience and knowledge of the practice of law obtained as a conveyancer in a local law firm gave me wings. I subsequently took up a position as an associate family lawyer with a growing law firm in Cairns, where for the next four years I honed my skills (and successfully completed a Masters Degree in Family Law). Then I took a leap of faith, opening my own law firm. I’ve never looked back.

“Changing your career changes your life – I was reinvented. I love what I do, and I believe this is reflected in my service to my clients. I’ve also forged many enduring friendships among my clientele and hope I can teach others to defy gravity by using their situation positively to change their life for the better,” says Lisa.
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