Labouring in Luxury


Cairns Private Hospital

Words By Suzie Grinter

Cairns Private Hospital is leading the way to innovative maternity care in Australia with the introduction of the Know Your Midwife program in August this year.

The hospital’s Maternity Unit has created the new program that will allow expectant mothers to opt for a known Midwife and Obstetrician to follow them through their pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period.

“Mums will have continuity of care and build enduring relationships with their Midwives and chosen Obstetrician in a concept similar to shared care. It gives women the best of both of worlds,” says Deanna Ward Nurse Unit Manager who is facilitating the new program.

The Australian College of Midwives was recently quoted in support of this concept.
“Being cared for by, and able to build a trust and rapport with the same midwife during pregnancy, through labour and birth, and into the early weeks of mothering – has benefits for mothers, babies and society.”

Cairns Private Hospital has seen significant increase in demand for access to midwifery care in private hospitals. The hospital has listened to the region’s families and introduced this ground-breaking program to all mums, whether they have private health insurance or not, with payment plans available.

“People are tending to choose the private health system when they start a family because of the availability of choices of caregivers, and the high quality service and infrastructure offered by private hospitals.

The new state of the art Maternity Unit at Cairns Private Hospital leaves no luxury untouched. It has expanded its Newborn Respiratory Support Services in the Special Care Nursery, meaning mothers and babies can stay together when babies are unwell.

Beautiful themed birthing suites: Reef, Sunset, Rainforest all include labouring pools, facilities for partners to stay with mums, dining on demand and an Australian first – a full Sensory Experience during labour including ambient sound, soothing light show and aromas for relaxation.

“We now have five Obstetricians who can refer mums to the KYM program: Dr. Tom Wright, Dr. Natalie Kiesey-Calding, Dr. Elizabeth Jackson, Dr. Suvi Hyytinen and Dr. Phoebe Hong, as well as two Paediatricians, Dr. Tim Warnock and Dr. Mohan Swaminathan, as well as our highly qualified midwives,” says Deanna.

Mums now also have access to a specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist, available during pregnancy and postnatally.

For more information please contact Cairns Private Hospitals Maternity Unit 4052 5187 or email