Get that Winning Smile

Get that winning smile
Dr Rhonda Coyne
Words by Michael Serenc

Dr Rhonda Coyne believes the key to being successful is simple – just smile!

The NQ Ortho owner and qualified orthodontist is passionate about her profession, always putting the comfort and well-being of her patients first.

“I like to empower my patients. It’s more than just having straight teeth,” Rhonda explained.

“It’s everything that goes with that, such as building self-esteem and looking at the positives as much as possible.”

A spurned dream to become a fighter pilot didn’t stop Rhonda from soaring to success in her younger days, instead putting her energy into studying dentistry and later, orthodontics, at university.

After joining her father Dr Laurie Coyne’s family practice in the late 1990s, Rhonda now oversees three practices in Cairns, Innisfail and Atherton.

“Changing someone’s smile can actually change their life quite significantly,” she says.

“One of the nicest comments I had was that I made a young boy as beautiful on the outside as he was on the inside. It was very special and rewarding to see that.”

Children doing it tough are not forgotten by Rhonda either, who performs pro-bono work as part of the Australian Society of Orthodontists’ Give a Smile charity.

Using the latest technology available in orthodontics, such as aligners, iTero digital scanning software and the Dental Monitoring phone app, NQ Ortho is able to give patients the right treatment with minimal fuss.
“We really embrace user technology and try to make it as accessible and affordable as possible,” Rhonda says.

“I love what I do and I like educating people about oral health.”

In fact, Rhonda is such an advocate for new technologies that she has addressed major orthodontics conferences in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore on the use of aligners and digital scanning.

With first class orthodontic care and flexible payment plans available for patients, there’s no doubt Rhonda sees a bright future for NQ Ortho in the region.

“The industry is in a bit of a paradigm shift as we switch from analogue to digital technology and I see it as a great challenge and opportunity,” she says.

“What we can offer people now is so much more than just braces. It’s simply amazing and I think we’re in for a pretty exciting time.”