Excelling at Education

Excelling at education
TAS Leaders Of The Future
Words by Janie Barton

Trinity Anglican School (TAS) is highly respected for its strong academic achievements where graduating students consistently attain high results, and there is more than one secret to the school’s outstanding success.

A contributing part of its success is the fact that students love going to TAS. The school cultivates an environment where it’s “cool” for students to try their best academically and provides a wide range of free tutoring options for all.

They also benefit from and enjoy the relationships they build with their teachers and the fact that their teachers want them to learn.

“We have terrific teachers who are genuinely interested in helping each student reach their academic personal best,” Principal Paul Sjogren said.

“They’re happy to spend time with students outside of class helping them.”

Parents also recognise the dedication of TAS educators.
“In our parent survey responses, parents consistently recognise and commend the efforts and professionalism of our terrific staff.”

Once again, the school’s NAPLAN results this year were very strong. At each year level, in each of the five strands, students were at or near the top for all Cairns schools.

“However, we are more interested in how they have progressed over the last two years since last sitting NAPLAN,” Principal Sjogren said. “We were really pleased that our students improved at a higher rate than the national mean improvement.

“This is even more pleasing because in most cases the students measured their improvement against a high starting point two years ago. We also feed the data back from NAPLAN to identify areas where we can improve curriculum or pedagogy, which creates a continual self-improvement loop.”

The high standard co-educational environment of TAS is built upon a framework of Anglican values where students can experience the highly successful educational journey Anglican schools provide.

“Our students also learn the value of service to others and to be grateful for their lives, including that they have been given the opportunity to attend TAS.

“All students are given the opportunity and support to shine. Our core belief is that every student can reach their academic potential, and we work hard to assist them to do so.”

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