Driving digital innovation

Driving digital innovation
Adam Guerin
The SEO Shop
Words by Janie Barton | Photo by Silvia Mogorovich

DON’T know your SEO from your SEM? Are you trying to gain a foothold for your business in the competitive world of social media? Then Adam Guerin is here to help.

The SEO Shop owner loves to educate his clients on the immense benefits of digital exposure, which involves both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Pay Per Click Advertising.

“For most people, they want their business to work in the digital age,” Adam explains.

“The most common service I do is free, which is answering a phone call from a local business owner who might say “Mate, I’m stuffed, business is going down. I used to be in the Yellow Pages but they want $20,000 to advertise and I can’t afford it and there’s 300 people in Cairns doing what I do. Can you help?”.

“That’s the start of the conversation and from there I can tell them what their options are.”
The SEO Shop can teach clients SEO, which uses certain keywords to attract customers to your website through Google searches and SEM or Pay Per Click advertising, where you pay Google to display an advertisement relevant to the customer’s search.

“It’s not all about just sales and advertising where you go out and sell a package,” Adam says.

“Clients are really picky. They know what they want. For some it’s that their brand and business gets visibility. For others, they want to be number one on Google for a pre-set series of keywords and search terms.”

Recognising a niche in the market for SEO and SEM education instead of just providing businesses a service, Adam started The SEO Shop six years ago in Perth.

A visit to Cairns by his wife two years ago prompted Adam to move to the city, where he has been able to tap in to a market brimming with potential.

With no lock-in contracts and an affordable pay-as-you-go service, Adam is able to build trust and rapport with his many clients, ranging from sole trader entrepreneurs to large, established firms.

“They all essentially want the same thing – more business in an ever-competitive and tightening market,” he says.

“That’s what makes me passionate about it. I enjoy helping my clients succeed.”