Stronger Together

Stronger together

Words By Janie Barton
Photos By Silvia Mogorovich

Corner of Vievers Road & Tritan Street, Palm Cove
Ph: 4032 0233 or 0407 24 25 45

Posh Lifestyle just keeps getting better and better.

After opening in 2006, it quickly gained an enormous following from those who love the latest styles in contemporary furniture design and furnishings while, at the same time, owner Maggie Furnell was making a huge impact in the industry with her interior design skills.

Then, last year Posh Lifestyle raised the bar another notch with the opening of its dynamic new warehouse and showroom at Palm Cove.

And now it has risen to newer heights with the inclusion of a dedicated home staging property stylist Jo Falkenstein, who is focusing solely on staging homes to improve their value when selling.

“It’s common knowledge that the right presentation is vital when you’re selling a property, and Jo knows first-hand how to beautifully stage a property to increase its value,” Maggie said.

“She is excellent at creating the perfect and unique look for each property.”

Jo, who works closely with real estate agents and homeowners to vastly improve the look of properties for g

reater sales results, focuses on showcasing the home’s highlights as well as improving their overall looks and illustrating the home’s potential.

She has first-hand knowledge of interior design, having renovated and improved more than 30 properties. Not only does she have an intrinsic flair for interior design, she constantly keeps up to date on all the latest trends.

“I love interior design,” she said. “It’s something I’ve always been passionate about.”
While Maggie is also an expert in home staging, working with Jo frees her up to focus on refurbishments of commercial and residential properties, resorts and restaurants as well as running the new showroom at Palm Cove, which is one of the city’s major suppliers of original furniture solutions from top national and international manufacturers.

Maggie provides a comprehensive refurbishment service – from selecting finishes, fabrics and colour schemes through to compiling and installing complete interior fit-outs for major hotels, resort projects, prestige homes and apartments. She has worked on a number of developments, businesses, resorts and hotels and even designs individual custom-made pieces of furniture on request.

“We manage projects from design stage through to prototyping, colour selection, furniture supply and installation,” Maggie said. “We also provide total solutions for indoor and outdoor commercial fit-outs, and we’re happy to tailor any of our services to suit the client’s needs.”
Maggie is thrilled to have Jo on her team.

“We are on the same wavelength in designs and furnishings,” Maggie said. “We both think very much alike. We’re both also passionate about seeing clients get positive financial results when they improve the look of their properties.”

Together, the two women offer a strong, complete package for all home design needs.

“We work closely together,” said Jo. “I use Posh’s furniture for staging, which gives people who are buying the property and love the look of it an opportunity to buy the furniture as well.