Empowering others through her learning

Empowering others through her learning
Nicole Bragg
Bragg Real Estate

Words by Janie Barton

While school wasn’t something that particularly interested Nicole Bragg, things changed for her when she became a student of personal development once she began her real estate career.

“The books I have read – and not just about real estate – the audio tapes I’ve listened to, conferences I have attended and the heroes I chose as my mentors have taught me so much,” she said. “I have been learning for the last decade, implementing things that I see, hear and learn from others into my daily life.

“I believe progress equals happiness. Every day you must find intentional ways to grow and find ways to help your team and those around you grow. I strongly believe that if you keep on learning you can become whoever you want to become.”

Nicole believes nothing is impossible, a belief that has empowered her to achieve success professionally as owner/principal of Bragg Real Estate as well as in her personal life.

“I have often heard people say: ‘I wish I had rich parents or a wealthy family’,” she said. “But take a look at world-class leaders like Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Malcolm X. Most of them had either been abused as children, had serious physical disabilities or were raised in poverty. That didn’t stop them. Sometimes it’s awfully tough to be successful when things are too easy.”

Even though she wasn’t interested in studying a great deal at school, she says she’s been a student for the last decade and will continue to be one throughout her life.

“Decision is what changes our lives,” she said. “Instead of being in that job or with an organisation you can’t stand for the next 10 years, go and do something else if you want to improve. Stop looking for short cuts.”

Nicole believes people choose real estate agents when they feel comfortable with them, like them and trust them.

“It’s not brands that sell homes,” she said. “A brand doesn’t have direct contact with clients, but it’s the agent or property manager who does.

“One of my earlier mentors taught me this truth: ‘You don’t create your future; you create your daily habits and they create your future’. If you don’t like your career, your body or your relationship then change it because if you change it you will open up more doors for you.”

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