A wealth of expertise

A wealth of expertise
Nadine Edwards
Sales Director, LJ Hooker Edge Hill

Words by Janie Barton

She was a senior associate in a major law firm in Melbourne, on her way to finishing her Masters Degree in law and living her dream of being a successful lawyer. But it was in real estate that Nadine Edwards found her real niche.
The sales director at LJ Hooker Cairns Edge Hill, who wanted to be a lawyer since she was in primary school, specialised in banking and finance as well as project finance before changing careers.
“I was working 70 plus hours a week – sometimes up to 100 hours when we had 24- hour lock-up meetings – as a lawyer, which didn’t leave any time for anything else,” said Nadine, who was born and bred in Cairns. “There came a point where I decided what was more important, and I wanted my life back.”
After talking to her parents, real estate gurus Ross and Despina Moller, she decided to come home and try her hand at real estate. In the first 12 months she was named to the LJ Hooker Captains Club and a month later to the prestigious LJ Hooker Multi-Million Dollar Club, which recognises the top seven percent of income producers within the entire LJ Hooker network. She also went on to be named to the Queensland A-List of the top 150 performers across all agencies in the state four times.
“I took to real estate really well,” Nadine said modestly. “I understood contract work very well because that was what I was trained in as a lawyer, and as a lawyer we have a duty of care to our clients which is something I feel very strongly about with my real estate clients.
“A home is one of the biggest assets people have so I want to make sure that I always act in their best interest, be completely transparent and show them the respect they deserve.”
While she doesn’t miss the long hours of being a lawyer working in a large firm, she’s not adverse to working long hours, nights and weekends to assist her clients.
“I like the interaction with different people,” she said. “No two clients are the same and no two homes are the same. I also really like the people I work with. We have great camaraderie in our office, and I’m proud to be working with all of them.”

Nadine Edwards
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