Words by Sherrie Larsen
Photos by Silvia Mogorovich

cc_jafflehead_1Looking for somewhere unique to eat that is affordable and provides high quality traditional Aussie food?

Well Cairns residents and visitors need look no further than Jafflehead in the Cairns CBD. Open since January this year, Jafflehead has been busy making a name for themselves on the local dining scene.

Owner/operators Ben Duncan and his wife Ashe are delighted with how well their business has been accepted by the Cairns community.

“I suppose it is a bit of an oddity in the food industry but we really wanted to do something that was different without sacrificing quality or value,” Ben said.

The idea to open a café which sells a variety of delicious flavoured jaffles and range of fragrant coffees was one which came from the couples’ youth.

“We thought there was a hole in the CBD market for delicious easy food that was affordable,” Ben said. “So we thought back to our childhood for what we used to do at home and came up with Jaffles.”

Growing up, jaffles were an iconic “leftovers” creation that nearly every kid was familiar with. Ben and Ashe have kept true to this and feature jaffles made with savoury mince, beef brisket, spaghetti and pulled pork.

“We wanted to keep it traditional and these days it can be hard to find something that hasn’t been done to death,” Ben said. Their menu has evolved over time and even includes dessert jaffles for those with a sweet tooth.

The new Cairns family moved north from Melbourne looking for a better lifestyle for their family. “We love Cairns, it’s a big change in climate and culture for us but my brother lives here so we had visited the area previously.”

Jafflehead has been a huge success helped greatly by their friendly staff and quality products. “We have a small staff whose job it is to make sure everyone who comes here leaves happy,” he said. “We make everything in-house including our baked hams and sauces. We buy local products wherever possible including our breads.”

Their formula for success seems to be working for them. “We have a lot of regulars who support us and we also offer a delivery service in the CBD which has been popular with businesses in the industrial area.”

“At the same time we are also popular with the tourists although we have spent a lot of time explaining to some of them just what jaffles are,” Ben joked.