Cakes For Days

Cakes For Days
Words and Photos by Silvia Mogorovich

Every journey begins with a single step, and for the main man at Jackley’s Bakehouse, that step was becoming an apprentice baker at Brumby’s Edmonton as a teenager. For fifteen years he honed his craft and then in 2012, just two weeks before their wedding, Dale and Bec Jackley opened their first store at Raintrees Shopping Village. They realised quickly that they would need to diversify if they were to make a success of the endeavour… this step was a steep learning curve as they taught themselves the art of cake decorating through YouTube videos and lots of trial and error!

This was really the beginning for the young couple, as their creative cakes started flying off the shelves and they found themselves inundated with orders. Six months after opening their first store, they signed the lease for a new Jackley’s Bakehouse at Mt Sheridan Plaza.

To say that the last 5 years have been hectic, is no understatement – their daughter Tia was a toddler when they first started their own business, and her sister Jada was born in 2015! It would have been an impossible task for Bec and Dale to manage everything by themselves, and they understand the importance of team work. They are definitely doing something right as Janet Allen has been working with them since a month after they started at Raintrees, and Libby Nelson, another self-taught decorator, joined the team last year.

“We all have a different skillset, which means we are able to do any style of cake,” says Dale, “Drip Cakes are currently all the rage, and we keep an eye on what’s happening overseas so we can bring our customers the latest cake trends.”

And it’s not just the outside of the cake that has garnered them praise – the actual cakes themselves are light, fluffy and delicious.

Last month, they sold the Raintrees store in order to focus their efforts on the Mt Sheridan location and their new online cake business, which launches next month, and will allow customers to ‘click-n-buy’ ready-made cakes and cupcakes. Jackley’s Bakehouse is one of Cairns’ local successes and this new enterprise is sure to cement their reputation as the go-to birthday cake business.

“We get such a lovely sense of satisfaction from our client’s reaction to their cake, it makes all the long hours worthwhile!” adds Bec with a smile.

It’s true that every day really is a birthday at Jackley’s Cakehouse, ooops, Bakehouse!