The stone benchtop Specialists
By Michelle Dryburgh

AHI_EVEREST STONE_2At the heart of every home lies the kitchen.
Whether you’re a master chef extraordinaire or sitting down to a bowl of cereal for dinner, the kitchen is often the central focus of any home.
Now more than ever, people are looking for a space that is not only functional and practical, but beautiful too.
The use of natural or reconstituted stone benchtops is a perfect solution, providing a hard-wearing surface and aesthetically pleasing exterior.
And it needn’t stop at the kitchen. Stone benchtops are also a popular option for bathrooms, laundries, outdoor entertaining and barbecue areas.
“Natural granite is a great fit for outdoors,” says Everest Stone director Ray Lamari.
“More and more, people are taking their kitchens outside and want a quality product that looks good and is going to last.”
While it’s true good quality comes at a cost – stone benchtops can be more affordable than you think.
Ray recommends people contact him or his friendly experienced staff Julie and Tali for a free, no-obligation quote before making a decision.
“A lot of people think they can’t afford stone and don’t even look into it, but if you’re not after a full slab bench, perhaps just a vanity or smaller bench space, we may have material on hand just perfect for you at a very affordable rate.”
Established in 2004, Everest Stone boasts expertise and quality of workmanship, with an experienced team renowned for the finest results.
“Our core team members have been together since Everest formed,” Ray says.
Ray brought his background in building, timber and hardware to the table when taking over the business four years ago.
Everest Stone is now a preferred supplier for both commercial and residential customers, and demand is continuing to grow.

“Things are looking up for Cairns and there is no time like the present to renovate your home,”
says Ray.
“Premium quality stone benchtops will always guarantee a good return on investment.”
The Everest Stone team specialises in manufacturing and installing natural stone benchtops, such as onyx, marble and granite, as well as engineered, reconstituted stone.
Examples of the available stone options can be viewed at Everest’s exclusive showroom, 7 Industrial Avenue, Stratford.
“Some customers come to us knowing exactly what they want, while others can take advantage of guidance from our highly skilled team,” says Ray.
“We ask questions to determine how it will be used, how often and of course what colour scheme you would like.
“There’s also the option for us to work with you directly, or coordinate the build and installation with your cabinet maker.”
Whether you’re building or renovating, contact Everest Stone for a free no obligation quote today.